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Must Visit Restaurants in Sayulita

Updated: Feb 2

Sayulita is a small community with many unique businesses offering a variety of creative items for our guests. Here are a few of our favorite businesses we have used since coming to Sayulita:

Mariana’s Tienda is just a few steps away for cold drinks, ice and a surprising number of pantry staples. You can also get water and some alcoholic beverages there.

Tonio’s Tacos-we are lucky enough to live right by the best taco stand in town. They are open 6 days a week in the evenings. Eat your fill!

Mary’s Traditional Mexican Cuisine (322 198 4004) is a favorite of ours, serving traditional Mexican cuisine. The food is well prepared, plentiful and reasonably priced. They are located on Calle Revolucion just a couple doors down from the OXXO.

Achara a local’s favorite, a great place for a date night or special occasion. You’ll have the best Thai food outside of Thailand. Be sure to order the #33 cocktail.

Sayulita Public House, a great Pub style bar with yummy pub food. They generally have your favorite sports on the TV’s and you can watch the activity in the plaza from the 2nd floor. It is located on the plaza.

Marcolino (329 291 3397) Jose Mariscal #44, El Centro

The best pasta place in town! An authentic Italian restaurant with delicious menu offerings and great service! A ‘must do’ for any visitor! They make fresh pasta to order, have plentiful servings, and the food is outstanding! They also offer gluten-free and Vegetarian options.

Tierra Viva ( 52 329 291 3280 ) Calle Marlin 10, El Centro

Located just one block from the beach, Tierra Viva has an extensive menu including brunch, Mexican cuisine, as well as really great Sushi options. This is one of our favorite spots to grab a mimosa on a lazy day, or take friends for a fabulous dinner! Mel and Charly are not only great restauranteurs, but great contributors to the community!

Don Juan’s (322 102 9725) Punta Mita highway

This is a local gem that is popular among many of the residents. Great atmosphere and amazing food with many Mexican and International menu options.

Coffee- There are many delicious coffee and breakfast places to choose from. Our favorites include Miscelania (across the street from OXXO), Yah-Yah Sayulita Café, El Espresso or Choco Banana. They all have great breakfast menus! Paninos is another option, it is located on Calle Delfin just off the Main Beach

Pizza delivery- call Pizza Miranda (322 127 8292) or La Rustica: (322-100-7379)

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