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Best Beaches to Visit in Sayulita

Sayulita is graced with many beautiful beaches to enjoy your days on. Including one the the best beginner surf breaks in the world, just two blocks from Casa Fénix.

Main Beach-located in front of the “Centro” area of Sayulita, this beach is where most of the surf lessons, restaurants and beach chairs for hire are located. While being a busy beach, it has all the amenities.

North End-if you walk up the beach past the river mouth, you will find the quieter atmosphere of the North Beach. With less restaurants, amenities and beach chairs, you can enjoy a quiet afternoon under your umbrella watching the surfers catch some waves. - Be sure to stop by Las Sirenas while you're over there and enjoy the strongest margaritas in town while you watch the sunset. PLEASE NOTE: THERE IS AN UNDERTOW ON THIS END OF THE BEACH. WE DON’T RECOMMEND SWIMMING IN THIS AREA.

Playa Los Muertos-Tucked in a small cove in front of the cemetery, Playa los Muertos is a quiet beach, which is great for swimming or snorkeling or clear days, especially with kids.

Playa Carricitos - Take a short hike or golf cart to this beach on the far south side of Sayulita and find yourself complete separated from any businesses or vendors. The perfect place to watch the sunset.

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